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The project type defines the general behavior of the QR code tags: single-use tags can be scanned (and thus used) exactly once, multi-use tags can be scanned the specified number of times within the validity period. Membership tags can be scanned as often as required until the expiration date. Check-in / check-out tags are used for inventory and stock control tasks and attendance checks. To adjust the project parameters, to add more tags, or to specify custom scan-messages click on the project name. Download the QR code tags (ready for printing on stock labels) with PDF.

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One solution for each requirement

Planing an event?

With Event Badges you will track guests and obtain attendance reports.

A Memo of Club visits?

Easily with a Membership Cards Project.

Want to offer discounts and benefits to your customers?

Using Single Use / Multi Use Tags may create your own customer loyalty system.

Need to register the inputs and outputs of your staff?

With Check In/Out Tags will have real-time information about: Arrival, Location, ...

Online Label Printing

Generate and print industry forms, compliance labels, shipping labels, barcode labels, delivery papers (and more) online.The generated labels are based on layouts created with TFORMer Designer and your input data.

Barcode generator Software

Generate bar codes without any software installation online! This online barcode generator is based on the TEC-IT barcode component TBarCode SDK.

QR-Code Maker Software

Choose between the professional barcode maker software Barcode Studio or the freeware QR-Code Studio. Both programs are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.